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WAN Services

wide area network

Lantern Hill IT’s Enterprise WAN Solution

Reliable Internet speeds for organizations that struggle to secure the bandwidth they need.

A consistent Internet connection is important for every level of your business. When you have been successful enough to grow your brand into several locations, it is important that you are able to acquire the resources you need if one of your venues does not happen to be in a location where reliable Internet is available. At Lantern Hill, we understand that every organization absolutely needs secure and reliable networking solutions, and have developed comprehensive solutions for organizations that are dealing with unreliable Internet.

We provide bandwidth solutions that are designed to meet your organization’s core business needs. Whether this is the deployment of computing resources, applications, storage, or simply access to information, Lantern Hill’s reliable Internet solutions provide the connectivity and flexibility your organization needs. With our enterprise WAN solution, we support multiple-location internet connectivity over fiber optic, ethernet-over-cable, and DSL; removing the limitations you normally have to account for in order to get reliable multi-location Internet connectivity.

Internet for Business Communication

Our Private WAN solution provides an avenue to take advantage of cutting-edge communications technologies.

When your organization has multiple locations, it is often difficult to integrate solutions that work throughout these locations without conscious planning. Lantern Hill’s powerful WAN services provides organizations solutions that aim to take advantage of some of today’s most powerful communication tools such as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), video conferencing, and point-of-sale solutions. As a result, we can deliver dynamic and multi-point management of these core communication and transaction systems; eliminating downtime and the substantial costs that often accompany lapses in network connectivity.

Reliable Internet Speeds with Wholesale LAN Services

Our Internet delivery solutions promote ubiquitous uptime of your business’ network.

Some businesses are located off the beaten path. As a result, these businesses struggle to find reliable Internet service. At Lantern Hill IT, we understand just how difficult doing business in the 21st century would be with slow Internet speeds. It is this understanding that led us to build solutions delivering much-needed Internet to South Western Ontario businesses. We work with several separate Internet service providers to create useful options for businesses that are in dire need of reliable Internet. With speeds up to 500 MB, we can deliver the bandwidth your organization needs to meet all of your data transmission needs.

To learn more about our enterprise WAN delivery method that reduces your organization's risk and its network latency, call us today at (519) 342-3832.

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